Comping takes

hi guys

i`ve just finish a project with my group and now that a separated the takes and choose the best part to comp i go into playing back the track. now theres one part(the begining) of one of the event in the whole verse(witch is a event made of one of the comp takes)

(ex: when i walk down the street and see these people laughing i ask ma self thos the world really gives us a real reason too. the underligned part is sang a litle differently than the rest.)

that sounds a litle different than the rest. i.e the artist add a small change of voice in that part.
-now im confused in what im supposed to do in order to make it match the rest…i dont know if i should transpose or pitch-shift the part.
*quite honestly i`ve read mixing books, forums, some video and still dont grasp the concept and what to do.

please help will be appriciated




This isn’t really the forum to use, you could post in the lounge, or post say in the SoundOnSound forum for a more non-steinberg response.

But, just to help a little, it’s a perfectly normal problem. After all, if each take was the same then what’s the point in more takes? Of course, it helps to make sure the takes are sung consecutively and in the same session, i.e. recording on different days or times of day will most likely produce completely different performances!! And sometimes you just can’t comp two takes together because they sound different, nothing you can do but use one or the other. But try changing your comp position, i.e. the word before, word after. Try different combinations of more takes. Try crossfading between syllables. You might also be surprised at how much you can get away with once the track is in the mix with appropriate EQ, compression, and other effects.

If it’s different notes or rhythms then I guess ideally you should have got the performer to learn the part better, or done more takes to increase the chances of being able to comp. I personally have a mini-checklist in my head during the session of how things have been performed and I try to make sure that each ‘version’ has at least 3 good takes. With a performer who just invents every line every time I try to make them settle on something by playing back a nice take which they can then learn.


hey mike

thanks alot for the reply. in your reply thats how i operate basicly . for lead vocals i usually do like 6-7 comp but than my problem was…after i comped all the takes from several tracks to make my ultimate one( if i can call it like that)…there was one part that sounded different (just a litle…but enough for me to notice).but anyways i got your point and your totaly right top to bottom. i just wish i knew how to find the original part after making mods to it (not there in the manual yet)…while waiting for a response i tryed vari-audio and audiowrap and messed up the part (well dont know if its me or the audiowrap i know im the user but got a feeling it changes the sound noticebably sometimes (anyways thats another story). i looked how to get the original file back but wasnt able too. i know i could of used ctrl+z but will all the stuff i didnt i was looking into a quicker way like in the pool…but didnt foud ma way out. im still new to this with time me a cubase will be best friends. :smiley:

PS: for you other advices i do look on other forums and post there as well. didn’t know i posted this at the wrong place. again thanks for taking the time!