Comping tool Irregularities


Cubase 12.

I’ve noticed some irregularities when using the Comping tool.

If I record midi using the New Parts and Stacked recording options, and I record using Cycle mode, the comping tool works correctly, toggling the muting and unmuting of takes in a consistent way, by unmuting the selected take with the Comping tool and muting all other takes.

But if I record manually into each take, or if I do Cycle recording after there is an existing take, the Comping tool works unpredictably, in how it mutes and unmutes takes.

My workaround is to use the mute tool to mute and unmute takes, to audition takes.

Has anyone noticed these irregularities with the Comping tool? or let me know if I am unaware of how it is supposed to work.

Thank You