Comping tool workflow question

Hi - do you guys ever feel like the “second best” segment isn’t so bad actually, and feel a little sad about discarding it?

I’ve often said, “I’ll come back later and maybe stick that second best segment as a low level snippet off to the side”, but I never do because it just disappears in the scores of others, never to be identified again.

Do you guys have a way to keep track of those “good, but not best” segments you might want to use later?

I just had an idea (away from DAW) … maybe the color tool works on individual segments …

Thanks for any thoughts!

Generally I go pretty old school & have a paper pad for most projects where I keep any notes. Typically when I’m in the initial listening phase of comping after splitting into different segments - for each segment I’ll jot down the Lane numbers for the different “maybe” takes. Then I A-B the different contenders (like in an eye exam) and eventually circle the best take. This leaves me with a list of almost best takes that I can look at later if needed.

If there is a specific alternative take I think I might want to use later then I save a copy. In my templates I have a Folder called “Holding Zone” that has a handful of empty Audio & Midi Tracks with their destinations not connected where I copy stuff I might need later. Sometimes I’ll also use Track Versions to do something similar.

Thx, raino. I’ll think about how to work those ideas into my workflow. Paper and pencil … ingenious!!

It depends on how lazy I feel.

  1. Track Notes

  2. Track Versions… and I label each version as to what I was going for

  3. I OFTEN simply rename clips making the file name the description and I have a naming scheme to help me keep track of which clip goes with which version.

  4. I OFTEN duplicate tracks and then lock them and put them into a folder. I use a particular track name to indicate which is currently the best ie. ‘Tip-Bass’, ‘Tip-Violas’

  5. And as stupid as it sounds? One a couple of occasions I’ve taken a video of the screen with my phone and done a voice-over describing what I’m trying to accomplish and then imported -that- video into Cubase as a reminder.


I use the Windows Snipping Tool a lot to grab a screen image to document something or other. 1000 words and all.

I use different colors for the clips to recognize the choose priority, I find it simple and fast.
I use it also while tracking to remember later which was the best take (at the moment).

Yeah, that’s a great idea. I tend to run out of colours. :smiley: