Complaint about the Manual

I know we’ve heard it before but the more I use this complex program, the more I realize how weak the manual is.

For instance, I wanted to do some time stretching. I call up the dialog, look at the “method” section. You have several choices “Time Localization”, “Frequency Localization”, “Transcribe”, etc.

I want to know what these mean. I click the “help” button there on the dialog box… no help. It just mentions that you can choose which method you want to use… duh…

Then I looked at the PDF manual. It says the same thing.

Perhaps this pertinent information exists somewhere and PG will let me know but my comment is that if it does exist, it should be right there when I click the “help” button. I shouldn’t have to stop what I’m doing to go watch a video on a website.

This program is very powerful and complex. It is really a bad choice not to have a well documented manual.


It is written in the manual, that you should primarly use the “What this method” to click on the place where you want to get info. In the mentionned case, you get this:

Again - this info is about as useless as it gets since it tells the user nothing about how to actually use the dialog or the controls. Throwing little pop up messages about what the controls represent is not “help” in any way.


Well, that is the information that I was seeking. So, for me at least, that is helpful in this case. Thanks PG.

Glad it worked out for you. I - on the other hand - continue to be baffled and downright annoyed at the non-existence of a real manual.


Just what I tried to convey quite some time back. A “help” system is really no help at all and is totally worthless.