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Is there a way to complain to Steinberg about the appalling lack of response to technical issues !
I have waited a month to have them close the ticket with no reply , I have tried reading all available info on web ref my problem but none of it has worked,. today I bought the full version of songwriters extension for groove agent 5 se ( I had already bought songwriters essentials) but they do not show up in media bay along with other media , is this a bug ? , tried lots of things but no help from Steinberg , phone rings out new tickets still unanswered, but the shop is open and will take your money !!.



I purchased that pack recently and installed it okay. What is your system — i.e., computer, operating system and version of Cubase etc?

I can jump onto my machine (Windows 10, Cubase Elements 11, latest version of Groove Agent SE) and see what it is meant to look like once installed.

Thanks for the reply : system PC windows 10, amd 6 core 32gig ram all drives SSD, Cubase 11 pro, HAlion 6, HALion Symphonic Orchestra, and Native Instruments Kompleate Hardware and Komplete 13 ultimate collectors more !
I can use the programs but they only show up in Groove agent , there is no picture of either in Media Bay on the right hand Tab, I also suspect there are other libraries missing , so how would any body know they are installed ?
I think I’m right in assuming all media purchased from Steinberg should show up in media bay, other people seem to say so. I have read and watched all the internet info on this matter that I can find , i.e. rebuild database by removing the media3.db and xls files as well as deleting Prefs and even went as far as re-downloading Cubase 11 and re- installing it, I started on 10 upgraded to 10.5 then 11 but none of this has helped, some of this did solve the problem for others, It is very frustrating that Steinberg do not respond to my ticket request for help, after all I have spent a lot of Money with them the least they can do is to read and reply to my tickets not just close them down as solved when they are not, But there does not even seam to be a complaints department to talk to. so fare I have been working on this issue since March. if you have any thing you can add to help me I would be most grateful, I think Cubase is the best but it is of no use if it docent work as published that just eats in to my creative time .


I will have a look in my system tonight and see what it looks like. I have used beats from that pack in a project but would have only looked it for it via Groove Agent - will confirm if it appears in Media Bay for me.

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I did a search in the full Media Bay for ‘songwriter’ under VST Sounds. This is what I found. It appears as an instrument set in my view:

thanks for the reply it is helpful but can you tell me if you see the songwriters essentials in the right hand Panel in media bay as a picture , I see nothing there but I do see the |Allen Morgan signature drums as a picture in media bay RH Panel. am I wrong in assuming all media from Steinberg should show up here or am I missing the point some how? they are both down as Instrument sets . If I should see it there is this a bug or a discrepancy in my setup, and I suspect Steinberg are the best people to sort this for me but they wont reply!! thanks again for helping to keep me sane.

Hi got a reply from Steinberg support AS follows :
Thank you for contacting Steinberg support and please excuse the delayed response.
Unfortunately, due to high amount of support requests, the processing of incoming emails has been delayed. I’m sorry that your inquiry could not be answered within an acceptable period. Please excuse the inconvenience!
I have closed some tickets to collect them.
The Songwriter Essentials is not a loop set. It’s a pattern set for Groove Agent.
You can see the difference in the Steinberg Download Assistant for example.
Content that is listed in the “Sounds & Loops” column should be available in the Media Bay.
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Nils Reumuth
Technical Support
so if I understand the Answer not all media types show up in media bay some of the extensions will show up some will not so its not a bug or a fault in my system its my fault for not understanding Steinberg’s Marketing and how to use media Bay. thanks for your help earlier any comments are welcome as its obviously me misunderstanding media bay .

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I’m glad you heard back. I learned something as well.

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I have been using the Simon Phillips Jazz Drums for some time with no problem. I have now re-installed Cubase and all plugins to a new machine. Everything went well except that the above drum set does not show as an opiton in Groove Agent. I searched for solution and none work for me. Quite a few people seem to have had the same problem.
That’s over 2 weeks since I submitted this ticket and still no reply. If anyone is thinking of calling Steinberg Europe/UK, this number immediately ‘fails’. That’s a shame because when I first got Cubase a few years ago, telephone support ws excellent