Complementary Products?

Hi folks. Aussie Nuendo user here. I updated to N12 from 11 in late October 2022. I saw recently that N12 has a bunch of “complementary” products incl. “Iconica Selections and Players” and drum instrument “Backbeat.”

My question is where does one located said activation codes for these complementary products?
Cheers :slight_smile:

After having some other suggested forum posts come up, it appears the Steinberg marketing folks are using confusing language here. Complementary in this use case means “we would suggest you purchase these additional products to get the most from Nuendo” rather than “these are included with the Nuendo software”

steinberg (dot) net/nuendo/complementary-products/

I’d suggest you guys put a disclaimer on the above linked page to help avoid confusion in the future! Cheers

The issue here is primarily one of identifying the difference between “complementary”, in this context meaning products that enhance Nuendo (or vice versa), not at all implying gratis, and “complimentary”, which means free of charge.

Steiny’s use of the word is correct. And homonyms can be a pain.