Complete Crash

Went to change my buffet size. Cubase crashed . Restarted my computer. Now I’m getting a VST library not found and when my cubase 9.5 finally opens I have re register and all my settings, all my templates are gone.

I’m baffled at what has happened here . Need help

I have the same problem after a crash of Cubase 9.5 and restart of windows 10.
All my custom settings were then reset and had the re register message as if it was a 1st time install.
Tried un-installing and then completely re-installing Cubase and all sound libraries and I still get the message every time I start Cubase.
If you locate the file it’s asking for, it wont accept it and you go round the process in a loop so I just click ignore.

Found this on another post about the issue:

Someone also suggests making sure your eLicenser is up to date and run a clean up process.