Complete Dorico Documentation as PDF

Is it possible to obtain the complete Dorico documentation as a pdf. I didn’t see an easy way to print-all at the website here

No, at present, there’s not.

Maybe we could start a user initiative to put together a spreadsheet with the most important actions and shortcuts for Dorico / Sibelius / Finale / Notion.

Doesn’t have to be huge, just the most important stuff.

I know that if you use multiple programs at the same time, each with their own shortcuts / actions (Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic, Avid, Vegas, etc.), it can be pretty confusing (“how do I do this again?” etc.).

There are some user communities where this works pretty well, e.g. the Reaper Cockos forums where people share their customizable user interface. Sometimes people ask for a voluntary contribution if they put in a lot of work.

Here’s a very primitive first attempt to consolidate shortcuts and tokens for myself. Since I use OpenOffice, I have converted it into the most recent Excel conversion format I have. Feel free to use it, re-sort according to your preferences, add to it, pass it on, correct it as you wish.

If this conflicts with any Steinberg policy or plans from the Dorico Team, by all means delete this post. Just trying to help. (6.99 KB)

many thanks Derrek.

GREAT! -just what we need. It’s almost impossible to find all these commands without spending a lot of time trying to find them. Or hovering over something which also takes time.
The only place I’ve seen them is in Daniels videos. But maybe I’m missing something…?
Thank’s Derrek :slight_smile:

The main key commands list is available in the app by choosing “Help” -> “Key Commands”. However, this doesn’t cover the things you type into the popover menus. We’re working on an updated list that we’ll publish online in the coming days.

Can’t wait! Thanks.
Can you put it in a format (without graphic buttons) such that we can load it into a spreadsheet and re-sort it to highlight various types of commands?

Please make this a top priority. I cannot tell you how frustrated I am with the Dorico help. And, many many thanks to Derek for the spreadsheet. This is a HUGE help.

Thanks, Derek and Ben. An important issue.

I feel more comfortable with PDF, so I convert it in Numbers. Right-Away, no editing no nothing, so the end of the document is a bit messy. But it’s better for me, maybe for others too.

Juan (140 KB)

Really nice to see such an initiative and I wish I could benefit from it more.
Since most of the keys found on the right side of the english keyboards are quite different from swedish ones (and I’ve seen people mentioning the same about german keyboards) I’ve had to make up my own key commands that makes more sense. For example zoom in and out is not next tot each other. To zoom in I had to press shift-cmd+0 (shift-0 is the = symbol) and to zoom out the dash (-) is next to the right shift key (which is not the case on english keyboards).

And some key commands doesn’t even work at all since you have to type it twice to register as that (for example on PC the tilde “~” has to be pressed twice and as such doesn’t work as a key command).

I know they’re working to fix this for german keyboards and I hope that will work for all nordic keyboards as well.

The earlier PDF version of the excel file puts column 5 on a new page. Attached is a version with it on the same page. (12.9 KB)

If you have been able to adapt it to your own use, I take that as a distinct compliment. Issuing the info in spreadsheet form was intended to let people resort it and adapt it as best suited their needs.

My most recent version is (13.4 KB)