Complete manual in German?

Hi everybody,

I’ve given up the hope to get the above mentioned manual.


For me it would be helpful to have a printable list or something like that that shows all features of DP2.2 (prefecences, options and so on) with a clear description how to find the needed feature.

Let me give an example:

I want to reduce the size of the note systems in order to save paper…

Where is it? I have to check a lot of different modes (Setup, Engrave and so on) that cost me some time.

I’m tired of seaching the videos on YouTube…

Maybe every feature is explained there - and maybe I’m too old - but


Describe every feature shortly and how to find it.

I’ve got a Siemens DX 600 A ISDN phone - please download that manual and you will see what I mean…



  1. I hear you about the size of the manual.

  2. For your solution, Layout Options—Page Setup. Change the rastral size to a higher number, like 6 or 7. You could also try vertical spacing to reduce the amount of vertical space the music occupies.

  3. There are a number of accessible solutions for questions, admittedly somewhat disjunct. When in doubt, post here first! You will get an answer in no time…

Dorico 2 manuals in German, Japanese, French, and Italian are now published - my forum post about it with direct links to the different manuals is here, and you can also reach them using the selecting tools on the website :slight_smile: