Complete Newby to software sequencing!

Hello, I got my software via a bundle with a Zoom r24. I have spent all weekend downloading/re-downloading/installing/re-installing this software onto my laptop running Win 10. I have plenty of memory and plenty of HDD space. When I try and run the program it loads only the “ribbon” at the top of the page (ie the one line that reads FILE, EDIT, VIEW etc) and then just hangs the computer.

No errors, no input, zilch! The only thing I can do is call up the task manager (CNTL ALT DEL) and stop the program (which by the way shows “not responding”)

Can anybody help me please? :cry:


What Cubase version do you have exactly, please?

Welcome to the DAW world !

With your problem… next thing you do is choose “create new project”.

Then try to read the manual a bit.
Because you will not have sound yet.
Read the first pages about setup and creating tracks and things like that.

Good luck and have fun !

edit: and the thing with the best newby question it is not a critic towards you, but that is in fact something i found out to be a predictable issue when they changed that workflow in CP8.

edit2: if you have the hub disabled, switch it on for now since you will need it

kind regards,

Hello, thanks to those of you who answered my request. In fact, even though my 'puter is 64 bit, only the 32 bit version of the software would run.