Complete Overhaul of VST Connections

The present system is more than tainted when it comes to working with outboard as inserts, especially when working with pairs of mono devices.
Refer to this article for in depth info on why it sucks:

Here’s a good quote from the author:

"When I shared my concerns about the limitations of External FX routing, Steinberg agreed the situation wasn’t ideal, and said they’d rationalise the External FX system in a future update (probably in Cubase 7). "

quite amusing to see none of this seven years down the line…

Totally agree!
One of the main reasons to use Cubase is the great routing possibilities.
Shame that this (still) isn’t implemented, could be that hard, so must be a priority thing.
For me they could pay more attention to this kind of serious things that the play goodie stuff (samplers and Fruity Loops lookalike).

needs update for better usability