Complete re-install fears.

I have been advised to re-install Cubase 10.5 Pro to cure some preset problems I am having, I’m concerned because it took me forever to get all my instruments and plug-ins to work correctly. For instance, will I have to re-install Absolute 4 again afterwards? I have Komplete 12 and SampleTank Max among other stuff, will Cubase happily find all these instruments and sounds again?

Scary stuff.

Windows 10.

Are you attempting a complete re-install or just a repair?

If you run the installer again you should (you used to anyway) get the option of a repair. This may well sort out your problems if there are really parts of the program missing.

Either way your preferences and relationship to other plugins should not be affected.

Assuming planar’s suggestion of Repair doesn’t fly and I have to do a full re-install do I uninstall my current version first or just re-install over it?