Complete Scanning of content on start up

This has only recently started happening , no up dates or anything i’ve noticed Cubase could not find one soundset for some strange reason and when i scanned to find the content it wasn’t there . As i said , nothing has changed on my setup , no updates , no new plugins but now every time i start Cubase it does a "licence content scan "from 0-88 every time , never noticed before . All’s working fine i just can’t figure out why this just started happening .
Please don’t suggest trashing the preferences


mine does a licence content scan AND and content scan every time…always has - nuendo is the same ?

(not plugins obviously! - just .vstsound files)

Cheers , never noticed before , the scan used to be pretty quick ,it’s still quick but it’s changed and why it just dropped a soundset and asked for a rescan is puzzling , im the sort of user that only allows windows updates every time up dating Cubase

mine only takes a few (2 or 3 ?) seconds.

I don’t know why it dropped a soundset - which one ? I’ve been playing around with soundsets because of this (bug!)

…so I’ve been keeping a closer eye on these than normal…when you remove in the library manager then cubase complains on startup…but haven’t seen this happen by accident.

Ummm not sure , i know it was a number 1 set of something , it was’t even in the recycle bin so no chance of reinstalling . it’s nothing major , i never really use the onboard soundsets anyway .
Bootup from start to finish takes about 45 seconds on this old girl , it’s not slow as i say but the behaviour just suddenly changed

file under ‘mystery’ :slight_smile: