Completely eliminate cautionary accidentals by default

Is there a way to completely turn off all cautionary accidentals? I don’t like the ways Dorico does cautionary accidentals so I’d like to put them in myself. I’ve switched off every option for cautionary accidentals I can find in the piano example below. Why in the world is there a natural before the C in the LH part. I’ve played piano for a very long time and this is just not right or necessary. I know I can manually change it in the properties, but that’s a major hassle when it shouldn’t be a natural to start with.

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Did you add the second # in bar 48 or dorico.?

You are right, the notation rules are perfectly clear ( to me) but there is always a hassle around these accidentals, why ?

I’m guessing it’s because you’ve just played a C# in the RH. I’m not sure of the options that are possible to set by default though.

Notation Options>Accidentals>Cautionary Accidentals (there are some 13 options to set! And remember, notation options are flow specific, so you might want to select all.)

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It’s necessary for the avoidance of ambiguity.

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I repeat the question. Is there a way to turn off all cautionary accidentals because if there is I can’t figure it out. Too many options spread out all over the place and no global “turn the darn things off” option.

I did not add the 2nd C#. I think it got added because of the unneeded C natural in the LH part.

That C natural isn’t in the original (which I need to copy exactly) and as a pianist, I find it totally unnecessary.

I’ve turned off every option for cautionary accidentals but I still get some situations where accidentals show up whether I want them or not. Most recently a handbell notes used chart where there was a C# in the lower staff and a courtesy C natural in the top staff. For the purposes of a notes used chart you absolutely do not want or need the courtesy C natural.

I think dorico does not consider these to be cautionary. (And you can always hide the accidental you don’t want to see)

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If you use the Modernist options, with “Persist for a single note”, and all the “No Cautionaries”, then you won’t get this accidental.

Given that you don’t think the 2nd C should need an accidental, but you think the 3rd C should have one (despite the earlier sharp), that’s probably the best fit.