Completely independent dynamics on different staffs (same instrument)

I’m using a single Piano instrument in a Dorico 4 score. I’m using Note Performer 4.4 (latest available currently).

I have 5 staffs/staves for the Piano, and I want to compose and play completely independent lines on each staff.

I have “Enable Independent Voice” enabled in Play tab for the Piano.

A dynamic marking on 1 staff is affecting notes on another staff, making it cumbersome to have separate melodies going at different dynamics.

I want each staff to be completely independent of others, dynamics-wise.

Other than editing velocities of notes in the Play tab (at which point I may as well be using Cubase), how can I achieve this?

I fail to see the advantage of using a single Piano in this situation. Why not make life easy and use 5 single staff pianos?

Thanks for chiming in.

Yeah I tried that, but then I have to add pedal markings (that I want to be the same across all pianos) to each piano in that case, and if I have, say, the bass staff hidden for one piano, then I can’t see the pedal markings for that instrument.

I don’t believe it’s possible to have 5 different dynamics for an instrument unless you put the dynamics in different voices. So, you might try using a different up-stem voice on each stave? You also have to enter the dynamics using the caret, making sure the correct voice is active, and finally pressing Alt+Enter when done (rather than just Enter).

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Interesting thanks!