Completely locked out of Cubase and ELCC

Apologies for emotionally charged, inappropriate post a few days ago. Ive collected my thoughts and reposted this.

I am randomly and completely locked out of cubase and ELCC. This follows years of weird workarounds logging into My Steinberg, and reinstalling/starting elcc to get cubase to launch. I previously owned cubase 6, which was automatically updated to 7, but upon getting a new pc I lost the activation, so I bought 11. It is now completely defunct.

After completely reinstalling all steinberg software, when I reinstall ELCC, it assigns me the same number. It always launches to an error that says it must repair, unless launched as admin, in which case it says no ID found in a classic windows error window outside the interface. I have no idea how to get a new elcc number or reset this. Steinberg seems to have completely locked me out.

Has anyone else experienced this?

pasting email to support:

" Hello,
Very frustrated here.
Not able to use cubase, and when trying to launch elcc as administrator, i get a no ID error.
I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling all Steinberg software
I have 2 cubase licenses. The first of which was a cubase 6 license, which was automatically updated to cubase 7.
A few years ago, I built a new PC. Could never get cubase 7 to reinstall so I purchased cubase 11.
Cubase 11 has failed intermittently to launch on this pc. Ive tried here and there to reinstall ELCC and login to my steinberg to do various workarounds, which has worked up till this point.
As of now, I cannot get ELCC or cubase to launch, both telling me I have no ID. They have been uninstalled and reinstalled. when reinstalled, ELCC has the same number. Always launches with immediate error to repair, then fails to repair.
I am requesting a new ELCC number, and new download codes for cubase 7 and cubase 11. username redacted.
I cannot use anything. (!) I am completely locked out. Please refresh my information internally.

Thank you,


You can start here.