Completely lost

I’m VERY new to Cubase Al5. It came via purchase of my Yamaha synthesizer. I’m so lost as to how to use it. I just have one question if someone can answer it for me. When I hit production in order to create a track it has a preset drum track there that I can play and do other things with. How do I drag other presets onto that same platform to mesh everything together? It seems to be not letting me Put anything else on that board. Yes, I know I’m a newb. Any help would be appreciated.

Manente: First – have you taken a peak at the Manual :question: :wink:

And this
which is located above “THE FIRST THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU STARTUP CUBASE” :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Basically you can’t do what you want.

It’s a steep learning curve at first but if you stick in it’ll eventually click.

Look for video tutorials and do read the getting started manual, and this great forum to ask all those questions when you get stuck :sunglasses:

I don’t understand exactly what you are trying to do. Are you trying to create a track that you want to record what you play on your keyboard? I have Cubase LE4 and you have to add instrument track under the ‘Project’ drop down menu. Then it will ask you what instrument you want to use and give you choices. If you don’t have any instrument choices, your software instruments are install in THE WRONG FOLDER. You must move or copy all of your vsti instrument .dll files to C:\program files\common files\steinberg\vst2 folder. I found this out after much experimentation.

Please give more information if this doesn’t help.