Completely manual tempo?

Hi friends!

Carlos over here, I’m completely new in Cubase but I’ve been doing audio for many years, Pro Tools being my main DAW. I’m currently “translating” my workarounds from Pro Tools to Cubase and I haven’t been able to find a solution for a particular situation I’m about to describe to you:

I need to replace a song that’s already synced with a video. Normally, In Pro Tools I would import the audio file, and when Beat Detective couldn’t figure out special or odd signatures (5/4, 6/8, etc) I would Tab to Transient to specific impacts of the song and I would put manually “Add a Bar /Beat Marker” (CMD + i on Mac) and write the corresponding bar in order to create a custom tempo map.

How could I do this in Cubase? I’ve been looking for a feature like the one I just described in Pro Tools but I haven’t been able to find such a tool, and the tempo detection tool from Cubase is not doing the job well.

Thank you in advance amigos!


I’m not sure I 100% understand your use case.

To add some more bars in Cubase, select the range, where and how many bars do you want to add and use Edit > Range > Insert Silence. Or Project > Signature Track > Process Bars Dialog… Here you can add bars (from to) and set the Time Signature.

To change the Time Signature, Add Signature track, use Draw tool and add a new Time Signature marker.