Completely manual tempo?

Hi friends!

I’m a Pro Tools user switching to Cubase. There’s a feature in Pro Tools called “Add Bar /Beat Mark” where you can determine a specific Measure in any given place of your timeline and Pro Tools would automatically calculate the necessary bpms and beats in order to put the selected time measure where you place your players head. For Example, if I would put my locator in a specific timecode like 00:03:31:18 and decide that would be Measure 41/1/1/0, Pro tools would calculate the necessary tempo to fill the other 40 measures previous to my mark.

Is there a way in which I could perform this operation in Cubase? The whole point of this is to make a custom tempo track because I need to replace a synced song which has weird tempo changes and the Cubase’s tempo detector can’t do the job correctly.

what cubase version do you have ? there is a function that analyzes the tempo beat by beat that is only available in the Pro versions of the software,
you do have the option to add a tempo track but im not familiar on how to use it,