Complex grace notes

How would one deal with engraving these grace notes, aligned as they are? I am lost for ideas. Workarounds, hacks, tricks welcome!

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Hi Andro. Given the need to have overlapping headnotes — which grace notes do not allow — I would use tuplets and scaling here. This is going to need some thinking, and probably some trial and error…
[Edit]: my mistake, you won’t be able to add the acciaccatura marking. Well, sorry, I don’t see any solution.

Acciaccatura marking is not relevant and can be omitted.

Ok! Good luck then :joy::sweat_smile:
[Edit] I gave it a try…

I mean, the nested tuplet feature in Dorico is really awsome, isn’t it?

Complex grace notes for Andro.dorico (612.4 KB)

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That looks pretty sweet Marc :slight_smile:

Nice work, holy merde.

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that spoiler tag :laughing: