Complex Lyrics

-Multiple verses of lyrics
-Some verses have extra notes in a measure that are omitted if not used
-Those extra notes are entered in a second layer

The Problem:
When I enter the above, I have no problem entering the notes, but the lyrics do not align in a straight line—the lyrics for the second voice appear lower on the page than the main lyrics. I did a quick Google Images search, and found this that would show what I’m attempting to do:

Is this just not possible yet, or am I doing something wrong.


Dorico currently aligns lyrics that have the same line number but which are attached to a different voice in a different vertical position. Unfortunately at the moment there’s no easy way to influence this: we have already changed it in advance of the first post-release update, in which all lyrics of the same line number on the same side of the staff will be positioned at the same vertical position relative to the staff.

The rather sub-optimal workaround that is possible at the moment is to remove the lyrics from the second voice, and temporarily change the rhythm of the first voice to match the required underlay, type the lyrics in there, and then change the rhythm back. Alternatively, create another temporary player on which you type the required rhythm for the secondary voice and type the lyrics in there into the primary voice, then copy and paste only the lyrics back to the original staff.

This will all be a lot easier in the first post-release update, coming before the end of November, all being well. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.