Complex metric modulation

hi there,

I’m trying to write a metric modulation like this:

quarter note = quarter note + sixteenth note

for the tempo change theres no problem as the bpm changes from 60 to 75.

is there a way to write it graphically with the note symbols?

thanks in advance,

A font called MusGlyphs is the best way.

Then you can just put q=75 in tempo text and hide it.

I don’t have that font… maybe you’re referring to the desktop version? I’m using dorico for iPad

So sorry – I didn’t notice the iPad tag.

Since the iPad version doesn’t seem to have the new Insert Music Text feature, here’s a project with one text item with the necessary characters. I’m hoping you can copy and paste it into your file, and edit as you wish:
Metric Mod 4to5.dorico (433.4 KB)

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thank you so much, it worked!

anyway I hope they will implement the Dorico for iPad version, it has so much potential but still lot of lacks!