complex midi programming i.e. "the black page"

Wondering about how to program complex midi rhythms such as Zappa’s “The Black Page”. Can it be done?

It should work exactly “as written” no logic reduction or other conversions. If this does not exist, I would like to inquire about writing this code. I would be happy to sign a NDA in order to have access to the code base. It is far easier to borrow existing code as opposed to building a stand-alone program.

I see the GUI in my mind’s eye. It might consist of multiple layers of 2D grid able to subdivide into any subgrouping, long notes on top and small notes below. Each cell in this grid must be able to subdivide into any integer value!

This would require a 3d grid of sorts. Note view v. rhythm view of the same “events”.
The end result should be able to open a type of midi.pdf, display the transcription in a normal “as written” fashion, and then spit out the midi file into Cubase, or generate the transcription from this multi-grid.

Hopefully Cubase is written in C#.

This is a bit off track to your purpose here. Don’t mean to take the focus of your original intention.
I read your inquiry and thought you may be able to shed some light, on a bit of a conundrum many users are having involving the hardware controller X-Touch?

I don’t even know if this is even possible but I do know there are a lot of users who would love to get this working!
I am trying to find a connection to the color of tracks via midi and map this to the color scribble strips for the X-Touch to follow?
Is this something your willing to discuss?