Complicated Divisi and Condensing of Choir

I’m writing a piece for SATB choir and there is one part in which the Soprano and Alto are split into 3 voices. I would like to have three staves for the women instead of two in that part and I would like to rename the players in this specific point to “Soprano 1”, “Soprano 2+Alto 1” and Alto 2. I’ve tried the divisi and condensing options but I came into a dead end. Any advice?


Maybe you can create a divisi for Soprano AND Alto, name three of them the way you want, and hide the remaining one for the time needed?

Good idea.
How do I rename the instruments in a specific stave?

You can change the names of each staff in a divisi section in the Change Divisi dialog:

For choral divisions, I’d always recommend having one section player per voice part, and then using divisi changes to split them out onto more staves as needed.

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Is this what you want?


Easy enough. So the “Section Numbers” have the entire name.

Then just hide the real Player Name:

I did it, the problem is that now I have the expansion arrows appear only in the soprano line:

Didn’t thought about the arrows. But how should they look in a 2->3 staff split? One Arrow straight, one down/up? Maybe you have to insert them manually, if you want them.

Or if vertical spacing isn’t particularly tight, divide both the Soprano and Alto parts in two, and just duplicate the Soprano 2 line onto the Alto 1 line manually.

I’m trying a different approach now - 3 part divisi for the sopranos and 3 part divisi for the altos. but when I use the condensing option Dorico condenses only the upper two. How do I force it to condense all three parts into one stave?

One cannot change divisi specifics partway though a system. Force a new system to see the change.

I don’t know if that works - but couldn’t you start with a „female“ part and divide it first in two (alto / soprano) then in three (soprano1, sop2+alt1, alto 2) voices?

That could work

In the next system it looks the same

I wouldn’t use Condensing: I’d just use an extra voice on the staff. (Assuming you’re not giving people individual parts to sing from, rather than a score.)

And generally, singers like the minimum of score changes!

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Yeah, I think that’s what I’m going to do.

You can also place those split arrow characters by hand if it’s only in a few spots. I’ve done this before as shift-x items, and it works just fine.

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