ComponentHandler performEdit with Arturia VST3 plugins


I have implemented a VST3 plugin host. It creates a different instances of the plugin for UI and audio processing. I relay on ComponentHandler::performEdit() to synchronize plugin state.

As I adjust manually the UI controls of my Arturia VST3 plugins, everything is fine. But while the plugin alters UI controls by selecting a preset, I don’t get any performEdit callbacks for handler.

Do you think my code is missing something, or should I send a bug report to Arturia?

The host is available under a free software license, the code involved is mainly in this file:

cheers, Joël

You’re issue may be that when the plug-in loads a preset internally, it will call componentHandler->restartComponent(RestartFlags::kParamValuesChanged) or with some more RestartFlags.
In this case follow the documentations advise.

I hope this helps,

Hi @Arne_Scheffler

Thank you for your answer. I can now enjoy all these wonderful presets.

best regards, Joël