Composer Lyricist tokens in ELEMENTS

I’m sure that when I first started using Dorico (Elements) the composer and author titles were shown on the page automatically - using project information and typing in a name for composer and one for lyricist then at the top of the page this was displayed as Composer - “X” and same for lyricist. Now when I type the names into the info it just shows the names not the roles. Have I missed something? At the moment I’m having to type -Composer - into the field marked Composer in Project Info in order to have it show. Seems a bit odd - and there are no Master page settings for the Elements version?



The default tokens are simply for the project lyricist - {@projectLyricist@} - and project composer - {@projectComposer@}. Perhaps you previously entered the "Composer - " part into the Project Info dialog yourself, or were using a project that had been edited by a user with Dorico Pro to include that info in the master page?

Be sure your tokens match where you are typing the composer and lyricist names. If you enter the names on the Project Page but the tokens are set to flow settings, you will get a mismatch.

(This assumed you have not altered the Master Pages.)

Dorico has always just shown the names.