Composer needs tutoring with cubase 9.5

Specifically I want to created multiple versions with different signatures and tempos.

Where do you get stuck?

Are you using Track Versions?

okay. I have a theme followed by many variations on it of about 6-8 measures. They are often in multiple meters and tempos. longer and shorter than the original. I want to study and compare them before it add them to the piece. Do you follow that?

I want to insert new ideas and material as I progress through the pieces without destortting the as it stands.

not i am not using versions.

That’s what Track Versions are designed for.

Track versions are deep, but if you learn how they work it will be a boon to you for this.

I suggest starting with a mock project. You can have a tempo and time sig track versions, and all selected tracks can change to the correct version at the same time.

Once you are familiar with the basics of track versions come back with new questions.

Also, here is a post where I describe a workflow that can be adapted to your use-case.

wow. this is all help ful. Just getting back to this thread. after i have looked it over would like to contact you how can i do that?

Send me a Personal Message. I do offer paid coaching, but this might be learnable here in the forum.

i dont know how to send A PERonal message. Can i just leave a question here with you name on it it? whatever.

i could just start in on Versions and see if i need more help. and then reach out with another problem.

Then start typing

Yes. Many knowledgeable people here.

I think I will start by reading the guide!

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