Composer Template: New Mac Pro 12core 2.7 vs 8 core vs...

Hey Guys,

So I have been using PC slaves for my Master Mac computer, and Im looking to transition to a single Mac Pro and take advantage of the Disable/Enable feature in Cubase.

My question is if anybody knows which of the new macs would be better for a large composer template (500+ tracks). Is having more cores better or is having higher cpu speed better when considering Cubase on Mac?

12 Core MP 2.7 Ghz
8 Core MP 3.0 Ghz
6 Core MP 3.5 Ghz

My other option is to take my current 8 core 2010 Mac Pro (2.26) and upgrade it to a 12 Core 3.46 Ghz.

Can anybody on the forum or from Steinberg give some insight on which platform Cubase would be better suited?


As far as I know Cubase is not optimized for that many cores. You will most likely see best performance with the 6 core.

Hi , i use a 6 core 3.33. for about 4 years now.and i chose this over a 12 core because of speed, too deep to go into here but i’m happy with my old 2010 desktop so far, but i will be upgrading if Apple upgrade the line this week. we shall see. Bottom line is a single cpu is better than 2.

I heard a rumor that there will be no new desktop macs, just mac books.
The current mac pro is not very attractive to me, still love my old cheese grater.

I use a 6-core Mac Pro and my studio mate uses a 12-core. Performance of Cubase is no better on his than mine (even worse sometimes, oddly!). Whatever issue this points to with Cubase and for better or for worse, it’s safe to say that at this time you will not benefit from the much larger processors if you’re using Cubase. Higher clock speed is the way to go, until Cubase is able to use more cores efficiently.