Composers: Looking for the ultimate Lemur controller?

Hey Everyone!
First time poster here, long time Cubase user.

After getting many requests to release my Lemur controller to the public, I am proud to finally announce COMPOSER TOOLS. Composer Tools is a comprehensive suite of tools for composers for Liine Lemur on iPad. No Lemur scripting knowledge necessary! You can check out the details at I hope you find it both powerful and eminently useful. It was designed and tested on Cubase (of course) Thanks! MOH

    • No knowledge of Lemur scripting necessary. Quickly assign and label controllers and keyswitches.

    • Create 126 presets for your virtual instruments. Using a single button, recall any preset instantly-- directly from your D.A.W.!

    • Orchestrate like never before. A powerful auto-divisi script allows you to assign any note, to any channel, in any order. With Composer Tools, there is no need to roll your chords like in a typical divisi script. Composer Tools will ensure that your voicing stays exactly as you intended. Work faster, and add value to your existing sample libraries by creating new ensemble patches, or use the divisi script as a multi-channel articulation selector.

    • Replace all your MIDI hardware controllers. Composer Tools features a 2-octave keyswitch keyboard with keyswitch velocity, 27 faders, 14 switches, 9 single-ball multiballs, and 2 “Super-Multiballs” with physics.

I’ve bought the Composer Tools and find it very helpfull for my workflow. But I have a problem with the divisi page. Your Videomanual is not clear enough for me. Is there any other help or description for it?
Best regards