Composing Statistics Request

Dear Steinberg,

Please have Cubase track how much time is spent composing!

How I would calculate it, to keep it simple and still be accurate:
Time with the project file open
Subtracted by the time where the project is idle (no editing, mouse movement, recording, playback, etc)

That’s the minimal request. I’d honestly like more thorough stats. How much time do I spend just playing and reviewing what I’ve done as opposed to recording. How much time editing, in which windows even. That’s cause I’m a report nut. But still, even a generic number would help more than having nothing right now.


There’s an app that does this, tracks how long you have each app in focus. not sure if it tracks mouse movement though.

I think the one I tried is called ManicTime, but I haven’t used it in years


Thanks, but that doesn’t really accomplish what I’m after. A million apps track time. But tracking it automatically is 1000x more accurate, especially given the fact that I just don’t commit to most time trackers. Call me a bit A.D.D. and dependent if you want. I probably am a bit. But I still think this would be a useful feature added into the program.


I agree Sean, this would be a good feature to add, provided it doesn’t cause any performance issues for the application.