Composing to Video / Move all Markers / Split Flow

Hallo Dorico Team,
I am a bit in a struggle.
Write a piece in Cubase for string quartet, now want to create a score and make it “conductable”.
Had no luck with a fermata and fine-tuning the Tempo so that the next marker fits.
So decided to split the flows and do a new click track. All markers behind split point gone.
Reimportet markers and re-attached video to second flow with different offset.
Funny Marker timings now. sometimes 3s offset sometimes 7 s offset.
Can provide the project as it is a student project.

The markers are stored in each flow, and at the moment we don’t handle updating the timecode start position or moving markers in the timeline when you split flows, so they will indeed be lost when you use Split Flow.

I can’t explain why some markers would be offset by a different amount than others. Perhaps you could delete the music in the project, leaving empty bars, and then attach that, together with the details of which markers are not where you expect them, so we can take a look?

Sent you an example midi and the original .mid file.

I think a “marker cache” would be a good idea.
So that in the video tab I can attach the SMPTE based markers to the video and they are shown with perhaps a different signpost color. Whenever I attach that video and that marker cache is existing than the time markers show up.
All other markers are music based and flow with the music.
With this I could drag a music marker over an SMPTE marker and the time before that marker will be changed.
Drag inserts musical time. Shift drag inserts a gradual tempo change that is recalculated over its length to exactly fit the joint SMPTE marker. Alt drag recalculated the tempo from last joint markers to the new joint markers.