Composites in Playing Techniques edit dialog

Where do the ‘composite’ items come from? They all start with comp. Is there a list or chart of these - there are so many and the only way I can see to find out what one is is to add it. These sort of things:


The default composites are stored in the composites.xml file in the app’s main directory (at least on Windows); as far as I recall, clones of them are found in the scorelibrary.xml file. Additional ones will be in the userlibrary.xml file. The ones that only exist within a particular Project, they are stored internally, but you can export a library and should then find them within that exported file.

“Composite” is really an internal name for what we really call a “music symbol”. It’s the word we use for the item in the file format that describes something that is drawn using some combination of individual glyphs from fonts, runs of text from a single font, graphics files, or in rare cases very simple primitive drawing. More or less every symbol (clefs, noteheads, playing techniques, dynamics, etc.) are internally defined as “composites”.

As I say, really we should use the term “music symbol” in the user interface, and really that list should show the visible names rather than the internal identifiers, and ideally it should be categorised so that you can find things. This particular bit of user interface is, to say the least, a bit of a rough edge.


Thanks @dspreadbury . Yes, exposing internal variable names is not a good look - and sure confused me. Add to the end of the infinite fixup list please. I know that list has cardinality aleph-zero

And @Alexander_Ploetz thanks for the great explanation.