Compound time

How do I achieve a crotchet rest, followed by a quaver rest in 6/8 time? I have fiddled with various combinations in the engraving options of write mode. I’ve also looked through the forum, but obviously I’m not asking the question in the correct way.

Many thanks

Normally, you shouldn’t have to write rests in Dorico, let the app do it for you. In engrave options, you might find the options you need.
However, if you cannot achieve the result you want, use force duration (keystroke o), then input what you want.

Thank you I will try the force duration. I have tried various combinations, but have been unable to achieve what I want.

Ian Schofield

I realise that you rarely have to write rests - and I have become familiar with that concept. However in 6/8 time, Dorico is currently displaying a whole beat rest as a dotted crotchet rest, and of course this correct. But, an alternative, and equally correct option is to have a crotchet rest, followed by a quaver rest. This is what I can’t achieve. Force duration didn’t make any difference either.

Ian Schofield

The forthcoming 1.0.20 update will have an option specifically for this, i.e. a choice on the Rests page of Notation Options to determine whether a rest that is the duration of a whole beat in a compound time signature should be rendered as a single dotted rest or as separate rests adding up to the duration of the beat (e.g. in 6/8, either a dotted quarter rest or a quarter followed by an eighth rest).

Daniel thank-you, that is very good to know.

Ian Schofield