Comprehensive (or close) list of non conforming plugins in WL?


Just wondering if anybody has made a list of plugins that don’t function properly in Wavelab? If not, perhaps anybody with knowledge of some could share. This could serve as a reference for us all.

To my knowledge IK Multimedia, Native Instruments and Sound ID (Sonarworks) have frequent issues. Would love to hear more.


DynOne has been playing up a fair bit.
Spectre too, mostly UI lag in both cases.

Windows 10 btw.

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It has been done in the past but there are many difficulties here. The most obvious is moving goal posts… software is being updated all the time so such a list goes out of date very quickly. Also there are a wide range of variables such as VST2, VST3 versions and platform / system specific issues, so for example a plugin might work perfectly well in its VST2 version but gives issues in its VST3 version. Another major stumbling block is who is to blame for the issue. Many developers don’t want to admit responsibility and most don’t test in Wavelab at all. So if the plugin functions in the main DAWs then it gets the green light and the problem in Wavelab is not taken seriously.

Best advice is probably to simply test in Wavelab (especially rendering) before you buy and use software from reputable developers who keep their plugins up to date and take bug reports seriously and have VST3 versions available… such as Acon, Blue Cat, Klanghelm, Melda, PSP, Sonnox, SSL, Voxengo.