Compress/Expand Stretch Automation Points

Quick example I had recently: using the line tool to create right/left panning for a riser I was hoping there would be an easy way to grab those automation points and kind of compress them so that the panning got faster and faster smoothly over time. This would be similar to holding the ALT key while dragging the tilt arrows.

If someone knows a way to do this already please share but I spent a good couple hours searching the forums and online in general and found nothing.

Thank you for you time.

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There is an area for this function is at the bottom of an automation lane.
The key is to select automation nodes in such way that the first and last selected node are the “anchor points”, ie. they won’t move. Any node in between can be moved thus stretching/compressing the automation on the time axis.


Thank you for your quick reply! Can you try demonstrating that with multiple points in between the anchor points? As my description indicates I am looking for a way to compress so that all the point between the anchor do NOT get the same time values. Similar to how tilting around center works.

Sure, why not.

Haha, I know where to find the tool, the problem is the scaling itself. For example if you made like 10 points that looked like essentially a square wave. When you use the tool they will all stretch to the same size. I was looking for a way to kind of squeeze them so that ones on the left would get smaller relative to the ones on the right.

Not on my installation and not in my example above. Not sure how you come to this perception. It matters where you place the cursor when initiating the stretch.
Maybe you can show an example how it works on your end?

I am still trying to understand you.
Do you try to achieve to NOT keep the relative spacing between the nodes? You don’t want to compress/stretch but to create somwthing of a speed ramp for automation nodes?
Because there is no tool for this other than using the stretch area but clicking several times at different locations.

Hello again, yes that is exactly what I am talking about, a speed ramp for automation nodes. Clicking several times at different locations is not satisfactory because it is not a smooth ramp, hence the feature request. Thank you very much for your responses though, I appreciate your time and patience!

If Cubase got a system for modulating VST parameter then … but we don’t have such a system.