"Compress" tempo points?

Hi - maybe I’m dreaming … but I thought in the past I could select a bunch of variable-value tempo points, a white box would form around them, and then I could pull the top of the box down so that the tempo values became closer to each other. But now when I select them, no box opens up, so that is not possible.

My goal is to reduce the tempo variation of a part not played to a click, but keeping some timing variation, not flattening the piece to one tempo.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I think the closest you will get is from the Tempo track Editor window, and the “Process Tempo” dialog.

Very interesting to do that, vic_france, ingenious!

It does do just what you said, but the manipulations needed to finish the job (mainly dragging back down/up to meet the points on either side of the selected ones) seems like it is a mistake waiting to happen in my hands … I think I will stick with the eyeball/manually adjusting the tempo points.

In acknowledgement of music not recorded to a click where “some” variation in tempo of the final product is desirable, maybe Steinberg can put this on the wish list, to handle tempo points like automation points (unless it’s already in Cubase Pro 8?).