Compressing MIDI data? - other than Velocity

I have Cubase 10. I want to compress MIDI Aftertouch data (like is done easily in Cubase with Velocity data).

One of my VST instruments (Vintage Organ from Native Instruments) seems to automatically create an extreme amount of Aftertouch data when I record it. It seems to be related to the “Swell” control on the panel (however, there is no MIDI “Volume” or “Expression” data). The resulting recording also has Velocity data (which I can compress), but I can’t find an easy way to compress or thin out the enormous amount of Aftertouch data, other than using the Draw tool to create a new data ‘curve.’

Can anyone help?

If you select all the data points in the controller Lane and use the Scale Vertically control to lower the values you are effectively compressing the data. Then if you use the Move Vertically to increase the values it is like using the makeup gain controller on a compressor.

To compress: drag down with with Scale and then up with Move.
To expand: drag down with Move and up with Scale.

Thank you!!

I was wondering about this too. Scaling in the lower zone of key editor always brings all the data up or down but can’t figure out how to just compress it without moving it up or down

Since compression mean decreasing the distance between the loudest/largest and softest/smallest something has got to move up or down in order to compress it.