Is this the plugin/terminology I want?
So, drums have a low velocity but also have a low volume, and at the other end high velocity causes high volume. How does one equalize this so that the corresponding volumes are more central. I know this is a basic Q but is there a plugin in cubase for this?

Assuming you are using fake drums triggered by midi, you could highlight all the midi notes, go to midi menu, choose functions, then fixed velocity.

Or you could use a compressor, but a compressor achieves its effect by altering the envelope of the signal to a different degree depending on the compressor settings, and the level and transient behavior of the hit, which you may or may not want.

You don’t say what Cb version you’re on but if its the full version then you could use a midi compression plugin too. It can lower the velocities above a certain threshold.

Another way would be to select all the midi notes in the key editor, then on the Velocity Control Lane you can Scale the velocities vertically by clicking and dragging up/down on the hoverable black sqaure in the middle of the selection. This will tame the louad notes. Then you would need to ‘add some velocity back in’ by looking at the info line and incrementing the number in the Velocity box (hover and use mouse wheel, click and drag vertically or just type in a bigger number). All notes will change relatively when you do this.

Also there when you hovering over the velocity values in the controller lane you could try the black dot on the right/middle. This scales all velocities around the central point, here being val 64. This might well be just what you need…


Thanks Guys,
What I’m looking for is nothing to do with altering velocities but raising the volume of low velocity hits and lowering the volume of of high velocity hits. Is this compression?

C7elements btw.


Yes it is.