compressor EQ side - chain

Hi steinberg support team

Hope of steinberg coming with a compressor with eq side - chain (hi freq ,low freq knob).

It would be nice, but it is not really necessary if you think about it.
Try this:
Suppose you want to compress the bass track with a sidechain from the kick drum, and you want to emphasise certain frequencies. To do this, duplicate the kick drum track, and call it something easy to identify.
Insert the stock compressor into the Bass track, and activate the sidechain feed.
Route the output of the duplicated kickdrum track to the sidechain of the Bass compressor.
Emphasise thefrequencies you want to trigger the compressor with - that ought to do it.

This trick is often used to perform DeEssing dynamically without using a DeEsser plugin, as you have much more control over the EQ used to DeEss. In that case, you would use a duplicate of the main vocal track to emphasize the frequencies causing the essing, and make them trigger the compressor on the original vocal track.

Hope this helps…

You can also do the same without duplicating the track, but spliiting the signal.

  1. Create 2 group tracks (let’s call them A and B)
  2. ROUTE your audio track to B
  3. ROUTE B to main buss
  4. Add compressor to an insert of B and activate side-chaining
  5. SEND audio track to A
  6. ROUTE A to comprssor’s sidechain input
  7. Do your sidechain EQing with A’s EQ (or any EQ inserted to A)

Block diagram:

Audio Track ----> Group B ----> Compressor ----> main buss
     |                               ^ SC In
     +-Send ----> Group A ----> EQ --+

There are often many ways to get the same result - very flexible system.
Nice one.