Compressor Gain Reduction meter value doesn't reset with changes

Hello! In Cubase Pro 11 when using the Steinberg compressor, I notice that if I set the threshold at a very low value (say -45), the gain reduction DB (the number, not the meter) will create a value matching the peak of its meter.

But if I move up the threshold slider (say to zero), that gain reduction DB value will not change from the value from the first threshold setting.

So, in steps:

  1. add compressor as an insert to track
  2. set ratio to 3, attack 0.1, hold 0, release 24, analysis 80%, makeup 7.3, dry mix 0%
  3. set threshold to -45
  4. solo track, press space bar to review
  5. GR value is -25db
  6. move threshold to 0
  7. GR value remains at -25db even tho its meter shows no signal

Lisa W.

I found out what to do. Just click on the GR value and it will zero out!

That is all!
Lisa W.