Compressor meters lag behind

When I insert a native compressor or limiter (could be all the native effects for all I know) the meters that display the signals don’t work for the first 2 measures and then when I stop the track the meters continue on for what seems like the same amount of time; about two measures of music.

So it seems like they’re lagging behind the program by 7-8 seconds.

My Waves plugins work fine and don’t lag at all. It seems to be just the native Steinberg effects. Anyone else experience this?


I rebooted my computer and now it works fine. I thought of rebooting when I remembered a similar issue that would often happen with Midi, where the midi notes also lag behind 8 notes. IT’s the weirdest thing. the first 8 notes you play don’t make a sound. Then they finally start playing…but 8 notes back. You hit a note and it plays at the exact same time you hit the key but it’s the note you played 8 notes ago. So weird!

Both of these issues are fixed with a reboot.