Compressor UI causing everything to render slowly


Whenever I have a Compressor visible on either a layer or a mixer channel, it slows down the rendering of the entire DAW (Cubase 5.5.3/32-bit). The cursor in Cubase begins to blink (the diagonal line), the channel levels become choppy, and everything runs sluggish. If I click the [-] button to collapse the UI of the compressor, everything begins to run normal again.

Why is this?

System Specs:
• HALion 4.5.3 / 32-bit
• Windows 7 / 64-bit
• 12gb RAM
• Steinberg UR28M
• Cubase 5.5.3 / 32-bit
• nVidia GTX 580

I’m guessing this is caused by the fact that H4 is rendered on the CPU and not the GPU.

FabFilter recently updated their plugins to render on the GPU and I was wondering if it would be possible for Steinberg to do the same with H4?

While Halion 4 is a bliss to the eyes, the edition is far from nice because of the slow drawing speed. I really hope they fix that someday… apps need to run smooth to feel natural.

Agreed. FabFilter’s latest update makes a -huge- difference as to how using the plugins feels. Hopefully some of the devs at Steinberg can see the value in doing the same with HALion and/or Cubase in general.