Compressor view in Mixer

is there a way to to show Compressor gain reduction in the mixer ? like you can with Eq curve


You can do so with the Channel Strip Compressor.

Hmm I love channel strip , but couldn’t find a view to show reduction in the mixer widow

Isn’t there a little orange meter somewhere when you expand the compressor view?

I like what Pro Tools does in this regard and probably other DAWs, where there’s a line right next to the fader on the channel that comes down from the top showing you what’s happening in terms of gain reduction.


I too like how PT does this (a bit like StudioOne)

I made a similar Feature Request thread for this function a while back, from Feb 2017.! Sigh… we’re still waiting… In the meantime, you might like to post there too, try and help support attempts to bump this up the ‘feature priority list’:-
GR meters in MixConsole Channel (like StudioOne) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I see Reaper is adding to/enhancing its offerings… see this thread:-
v6.72+dev1222 - December 22 2022 - Cockos Incorporated Forums
Scroll down to post #33 for some info about how PT version handles multiple compressors per channel, and post #35 ideas of what’s coming to a Reaper Dev (beta) release soon maybe… :wink:

Not yet, sadly…

The Meterbridge has gain reduction for the channel strip

Yes. The request though is for this in the mixer channels too - and for not just the ChannelStrip comps; would be good for all comps…including 3rd party stuff…

Epic ! Can you share how I do this please thx

If you add the the meter bridge to your mix console via the cog wheel menu and then use the Channel strip you will see a little red stripe indicating gain reduction by the side of the channel meter bridge

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