Compt tool and vari audio tool adjustment

First sorry for poor english…
I upgrade recently from cubase 6 to 7 missing the 6.5 and i’m 2 problems that i need some help.

First: i understand the new comp tool but there is any possibility to work like old times? or if not is there any short cut to use that tool instead og being always swapping betwen comp and selection tool, like we can do witn the split tool using alt key It would be great if we can use it the same way maybe with control key …

Second: when i try to tune an audio track in the sample editor window, using variaudio, usualy in cubase 6 when i select a note and drag them they automaticaly adjust the note to the select key correcting the tune of that note.
Now in 7 i notice that if a note is a litle out of tune ( 20% above for example) and i select the note and move the note it moves the note but the out of tune (20%) stays the same, then i found that if i use control key it corrects to 0% like it used to do in cubase6.
For me this is a very bad option because i always have to be pressing control to make adjustments, is there any way to change that to work exactly the oposite way? use the control key just when i want to move the key of a note keeping the out of tune played originaly as an option?

I hope everyone understand and someone can help :smiley:

No one can help me ? :frowning:

Please any one from steinberg could have an answer, no one have this problem too? or where can i get i answer from Steinberg?