Comptibility to run Cubase as ReWire-Slave

I know this topic is very contested, but just as the position from being out of the Cubase Area, it would be very helpful to got the ability to run Cubase as Slave , in my Case for Ableton Live. Somethings you can´t do when you run Ableton Live as the ReWire-Slave. Many Options and Functions, which make the advantage of any other Sequencer, do not work as a ReWire-Slave.

But for many Artists i know are the possibilities and the opportunities of other Sequencers or DAWs prevailing the Advantages of Cubase. But what if we could have the abiltiy to blend those advantages together?

It´s quite not possible, because they can´t use Cubase with their Favorite-DAWs, just because they can´t attach the World of Cubase into their own practices and ways to build up more of their own Flexibilities.

What if all the Users, Artists and Producers of other DAWs like Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Reason got the advanced
Opportunity to attach Cubase into their DAW of choice for better Mixing and Signal Processing?

For me it would be really helpful.

Thanks for Listen.