Computer crashes when running Cubase 7 - CPU overheating?


The last couple of days my computer has been crashing randomly when I run Cubase 7. It shuts off completely and then restarts 2-3 seconds later. I’m currently on a quite tight schedule for a deadline, so I’m desperate to fix this.

I’ve tried to do some testing to try and identify what causes it to crash, and while I’m not completely sure it seems to be when I’m working with Omnisphere 2 inside of cubase. Since it’s quite a heavy software synth, I guess it could possibly be that.

I have a Intel i7 870 @ 2.93 GHz, not overclocked.
I’ve taken these screenshots of my CPU temperature while running Cubase:

The temperature is normally between 60-70C, but goes up a little bit above that at times. Cubase is very resource intensive, and the CPU is working hard.
Could the CPU be the problem, or could it be my power supply? Or is it some failed files?

Please let me know what more information you might need in order to help.
Thank you very much in advance!

Just a slight update:

I’ve tried to do some other stuff to see if it crashes then aswell, like gaming, but not had a single crash… It only happens in Cubase. Could it be a problem with the software maybe? Or is it just that Cubase is so resource heavy?

Been working on another project for a while, that is really heavy. It uses 11,7 / 12GB RAM, and I’ve had no crashes while working with it at all. I just can’t seem to understand what the problem is in this case…

It seems it’s just this specific project that causes problems. The only thing I can find that differentiate them much, is that I use some quick “stacatto” passages with Omnisphere in the project that crashes. It’s not through the arpeggiator, as the melody differentiates to much to use that. Could this be a problem?

You project might be corrupt, maybe you should copy the tracks into a new project.
Or dissable plugins 1 by 1 to troubleshoot what’s causing this.

I had a similar thing happened to me when I had a lot of plugins going as ralphie says disable them see what happens