Computer data transfer problems

I recently bought a new Mac Pro. Downloaded all software successfully. I then transferred all my data files from my Macbook laptop to a separate hard drive. Some of the files open fine. Other will not open properly. No data in the individual tracks. When I try to open I get a window "Resolve Missing Files. I’ve tried locate and searching with no success. Help


You might try backing up project to new folder from the original Macbook project files and this will make sure all files are included. (You should delete unused audio when asked in case there are other files not part of that song referenced in the pool)

I tried that, no luck. I even opened a new project in Cubase on the G-Drive (where I plan to keep my data files), and copied track by track to a new project. It works fine with my laptop when connected to the G-Drive, but does not with the new Mac Pro. All midi files are fine and they work with HaLion SE, Native instrument etc. Only audio files are missing. I even tried coping the file to the internal hard drive on the Mac Pro. No luck. My guess is something is being stored in some weird location on my laptop which is not recognized by my new computer. One option is to have the support team at the Apple Store mirror all the software, data and files from my laptop to Mac Pro. I did that once before with with an earlier laptop and it worked fine.


OK…so to clarify:

With laptop connected to G Drive (You should explain exactly what this is…a USB drive, a network drive??)
You have selected" back up project to new folder" from the file menu and created a new folder on the G drive with the new copy of the project and it’s audio.

This new project will open on the laptop OK?

Then you connect the MacPro to the G drive and the same project opens with missing audio??