Computer doesn't recognize usb devices if Cubase hangs

I have an annoying issue I’m wondering if anyone else has come across. If I close Cubase and it hangs on close (happens soo soo often), the next time I start my computer, my computer does not recognize my usb midi keyboards and my computer doesn’t detect any usb devices plugged in after my computer starts.

If I restart my computer after this, everything works fine.

Is there any update that addresses cubase hangs? I’m looking to buy other daw software becuase of this issue (Digital Performer) and really would like to stay with Cubase.

Big Issues I face:
-Cubase Hangs on Close A lot. Closing my project first then selecting File Exit manually helps decrease chances. But it sitll happens.
-If Cubase hangs and computer is shut down, usb devices arent detected after plugin. Unplugging a usb device makes the pc think it still there
-Cubase still cant detect new midi devices plugged in after cubase initially starts? DP and Pro Tools and Fl Studio can all do this.

Dear Covert Spartan,

do you have by chance Novation Automap?