Computer FREEZES!! when turning headphone volume dial!!

This happened yesterday too, but once I uninstalled everything and did a fresh install with the latest drivers the problem went away. And now it is doing it again.

All I am doing is using my mouse to turn up the output of my headphones, and it won’t let me do it. It completely freezes my computer. To get it back, I just have to hit Ctrl/Alt/Delete. I don’t even have to stop the process or anything.

Can someone help with this? Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Wow, no replies - I guess I’m the only one who’s ever experienced this problem. Well, after talking to support I am thinking it may be my firewire card, so I have ordered an ADS Pyro with a TI chipset. Thing is, I also just figured out that my computer only freezes if I use the software’s headphone output, NOT the unit itself. Weird.

I haven’t experienced the PC freezing but have noticed some dropouts in the headphones at certain volume levels.

This symptom was improved by purchase of a SIIG FW card (one of the recommended on the Steinberg list). Both the previous FW connection I used were both Texas Instrument chipsets (one the on-board chipset on a Gigabyte EX58-UD4 board and the second a PCI board from Miglia Technology Ltd - Alchemy 400FW). Swapping the FW chipsets and re-setting the FW curred the problem for a while but it keeps returning when I change the volume level but not consistantly so been unable to pin this down to hardware or software.

Perhaps theres an as yet not recoginised driver issue. On the face of it the Yamaha FW driver does appear to be very picky in respect of Firewire hardware in use.


All good here, new firewire card seemed to fix the issue.