Computer locks up trying to install Cubase 12.0.52

Today I thought I’d start out right by updating Cubase Pro 12.0.0 to 12.0.52. I’ve been trying for 4 hours, with 3 instances of Support Chat. Lost a whole day.
I had to delete Steinberg Download Assistant to even get the latest version of that. After I had the latest Download Assistant, downloading 12.0.52 seemed to go fine.
When I tried to start the new Cubase, it locked up on “locating licenses”. Until I tried this update, everything worked perfectly. Okay. So I deleted preferences per support recommendation and restarted. Cubase still hung up on “locating licenses”. Support says to call in tomorrow.
Any ideas? Thanks.

I suppose the first thing anyone has to ask is PC or Mac and which operating system?

Sorry, Mark. Thanks for answering.
Windows 10, Cubase 12.0.0
Had tech support look at my computer. Determination was that the new Steinberg Activation Manager app is incompatible with my 2014 BIOS. Moral: don’t upgrade if everything is running smoothly. I’m trying to figure out if I can back out of the new apps to older ones. Then I’ll try updating the BIOS if that doesn’t work.
Unfortunately I have no backup for this disc. My bad.

Also, I thought the forum allowed for a signature showing my gear. Can’t find how to do that so assumer it’s impossible.

Wow incompatible with your bios. That’s a new one on me and a worrying thing.

Yeah, tell me about it.
So, I downgraded to Cubase 11 and it works fine. The funny thing is that it also worked fine on Cubase 12.0.0 and only acted up when I tried to upgrade to 12.0.52 Again, DON’T UPGRADE IN THE MIDDLE OF A PROJECT!!!
Support tried very hard to fix it, so not their fault. In fact, he told me that when Steinberg Germany sees a BIOS date of 2014 or earlier, they just quit support.
I don’t know, I guess 9 years is pretty good for a hard-working audio computer.

Interesting. I have a 14 year old i7 pc which is just used for sd3 which my son plays from his edrums. I have Cubase 12 AI on that pc but never use it as I have a newish i9 pc which I use Cubase pro on. I might see if the update works on it. The bios on that hasn’t been updated for years. Bios updates usually only happen within the first couple of years of the motherboard release.

I don’t need it to work so it doesn’t matter if I break it. Not sure when I’ll get a chance though to do it. Maybe this weekend

That info would be very useful! Thanks.
Maybe check for the date of the BIOS unless you haven’t updated.

I have updated the bios but probably about 10 years ago

Thanks, Mark. If you get around to it, would love to hear results.
Further info:
I updated to Cubase Pro 12.0.52 in a new computer in December with no problems.
Cubase 11 is working great on my older computer so I can at least continue with my project. I did have to download and install directly since Steinberg Manager and Installer apps don’t function since my attempt to update to 12.0.52